Churchill's white port and tonic

A classic summer drink, a white port and tonic has the perfect amount of sweetness and acidity to rival the G&T. Here's how to make it

Churchill's white port and tonic recipe

Makes 1

Preparation time 5 mins

Psst! We've got a secret. A G&T is no longer the hottest drink of summer. Nay, friends, allow us to introduce you to the white port and tonic, or P&T. 

Yes, white port exists, and oh baby, it's delicious. It's made with white grapes rather than red (like the ports you glug at Christmas), and is drunk either straight over ice, with tonic or with another kind of fizz as an aperitif.

Churchill's white port is made using Grade-A white grapes and matured in casks for no less than a decade, giving it a rich golden colour and depth of flavour that's unrivalled in the industry. 

And the good news is that making a white port and tonic is as simple as it gets. Just follow the recipe below for extra guidance.

Jamon ibérico and olives optional but encouraged.


  • 2 parts Churchill's Dry White Port
  • 2 parts tonic water
  • Large ice cubes
  • Orange peel twist


  1. Combine all the ingredients in a large lowball or highball glass and stir.
  2. Repeat...