London Larder: allplants

We've searched the far reaches of the capital to bring you the very best of London's artisanal produce – this time, we're powering up with plants from vegan meal delivery service allplants

What is it?

Delicious plant-based frozen dishes (also known as vegan food to you and me) that are packed with flavour, full of well-thought-out textures, and served in jazzy recyclable packaging, brought to your doorstep by way of a carbon-neutral delivery service.

Who makes it?

Brothers JP and Alex Petrides set up allplants in 2017 and they've already dished out more than 100,000 plant-powered meals from their kitchen in Seven Sisters, north London.

What does it taste like?

The Foodism team buddied up to put three of allplants' extensive range to the test. We set two committed vegans on the Keralan Sundown (a punchy south Indian curry made with sweet potato, red lentils and topped with crunchy sugar snap peas), while a bunch of flexitarians demolished the satisfyingly creamy cashew mac and cheese, with roasted cherry tomatoes, mushroom 'bacon' and kale, and the ruby-red Mediterranean aubergine orzo with seared brown rice polpette balls. Our verdict? Near-enough faultless. The only issue? Our polpette balls didn't fare well in the microwave, however, all of allplants' dishes are oven-friendly, too. So there's that.

Where can I get it?

Sign up online and plan your meals on If you're the indecisive type, you can sign up to a six-strong chef's discovery box. If not you can mix, match or double up from the range. Prices start from £4.99 per serving and you can sign up to just one order or a regular subscription – whatever suits your needs.